Why I drink tea?

Why I drink tea?

As someone with an inquisitive mind, I want to address the WHY question in our first blog post. People fall in love with tea for different reasons. You may find mine familiar, but it was somehow quite peculiar for a young Chinese girl back then.

It was late 2008. I just landed a graduate job, and a full-blown economic crisis ensued. I felt grateful for still being employed, but I couldn’t help but worry about my career path forward. Coke had become my instant tranquilizer and energy booster, and I emptied a horrific amount of bottles at work every day.

Several years passed and coke addiction started to take its toll on my health. Dental erosions in particular. After a period of frequent visits to dentists, I gained an impressive amount of medical vocabs while my healthcare expenses also soared. I desperately needed alternative solutions for reducing stress and preserving health.

Yoga, pilates, kickboxing, essential oils, massages, red wines, and juice detox…The whole shooting match. Then I met my Lama, who taught me meditation and led me to the world of tea. My passion has grown ever since and tea has become my daily ritual.

Perhaps like many of you, I also wondered what tea I should drink, for what purpose and in which context. Spring has arrived and it marks the opening of a new season for tea making. We will start a fresh series of blog posts here. With an exclusive focus on premium loose leaf tea, we will take you to the plantation fields and zoom in on one particular cultivar at a time. Is it possible to know what Dragonwell (Longjing) is, why you should taste it and how to distinguish it in 5 minutes?

Stay tuned!

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