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Located in the very heart of Zurich’s old town, SHUITANG has a handful selection of high quality teas from Taiwan, China and Japan. You can buy tea, tea wear or just sit down and have a sip.

“A authentic tea-master and a authentic human-being with character. here you can get real advice if you are willing to listen. both advice to tea and to life. probably best tea-shop in Switzerland.”


“Excellent shop. You’ll be surprised by an never-ending realm of knowledge, quality tea and tea toys, if you manage to keep an open mind. Both tea novices and veterans will find great teas with substance!”


                  – says who highly recommended.


Yet you also find those who mind the rather unique character of the owner leave one star reviews.


If you are really into tea, it is a good spot to visit in the region.

shui tang - indoor
shui tang-tea can