How to make iced Longjing tea?

How to make iced Longjing tea?

It was the last week of March, but the sun was already scorching outside in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I was sipping iced green tea in a local teahouse, and trying to stay refreshed in this unbearable hot afternoon. While watching the live streaming of tea making in West Lake, I suddenly wondered, “how does iced Longjing tea taste?”. I always drank it hot, but such a mellow and sweet tea should also be perfect for an iced brew.

Now all the pre-Qingming teas that I ordered have arrived. As I opened a bag of first grade Longjing, the distinct scent of roasted beans and chestnuts pervaded. I sprinkled some dry leaves on my palm. They are thin, narrow and olive-colored, with the typical look and aroma of Longjing No.43 cultivar.

It is extremely easy to make iced Longjing tea, all you need will be:

  • An 8oz teacup
  • Two teaspoons of dry leaves
  • Ice cubes

First, spread the dry leaves at the bottom of the cup and top up with ice

Then let it sit for 4-6 hours…

All set! Pour the liquor through a strainer and enjoy! Iced Longjing tea tastes naturally sweet, fresh and nutty.

Last but not least, the liquor of authentic West Lake Longjing tea should be pale amber colored. And the unfurled leaves will turn light green.

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