About Us

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Our story


Linda and Sissey met in Switzerland during their MBA study in 2017. They soon found themselves having much in common: both were Chinese-born and lived abroad; both are restless souls and yearn for new adventures.; more importantly, both love to travel and possess a passion for tea. Tea has always been part of their culture, but they never seem to know enough about it.

As they set out to rediscover tea at the beginning of 2018, they had no idea that there would be a bumpy road ahead. While running incessantly between tea farms, expos, tea events and workshops in China, they got lost in the myriad stories that contradicted each other. Misinformation abounds. Lack of transparency and quality control also weights on the industry. After falling victim to dishonest marketing, they started to wonder upon each purchase, “are we getting exactly what we have paid for?”

Learning tea from A to Z has not been easy, but they are fortunate enough to find great mentors and benefit enormously from their collective expertise and knowledge. Tea-makers, connoisseurs, educators, and chief director of an award-winning documentary about tea. 

Sharing is caring, Linda and Sissey decide to launch this blog for 3 reasons: 

  • Share their passion for tea and exchange opinions, tips and recipes with like-minded people.
  • Make information and knowledge about tea readily accessible so that everyone can see through marketing gimmicks and become a more informed consumer.
  • Promote transparency and openness in making, sourcing and selling teas.

If you have already been drinking  tea, join them and share your favorite anecdotes. If you are new to tea, come and explore the wonder that nature creates. Let tea delight you and heal you.